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Although Infogrames tright do action- wrapt battle for demesne out of it, 7 Colors is simply play riddle ride along on Tetris hype. Surprisingly, play was also fictitious Russians, Dmitry Pashkov. The point is simple: implore obtain control of playground, performance of all diamonds with your colour, before your opponent of do that.

It's turning- based play that can be play against computer or against human field. It may even end played LAN or series connection to the other computer (no tested). Every player is given to pick a colour from accessible 7 (which lie play is given its name from of course) and any rock that colour clingy at you own diamonds state your. Then, all your rock are commuted to colourthat the did you chose. Strains illusory? Sham for 3 seconds and you know what I mean. If you succeed in create liaison between margin playground, you fight out whole hatch and obtain much territories.

Play be enough stiff to hammered I don't ... yet) and there be too much playground to elected. Divers are little ones, divers are biggies and divers have crimp. If you ever succeed in get bored accessible field, there is also editor so you can create your own. Together, this gives play much infinite o'clock games!

Graphic art are tolerable, also in EGA or VGA. Verification is either made keyboard, mouse or joystick.If you pick keyboard, player 1 have to use ' from' and ' c' run through row colours and ' x' choose it.Player two uses - ův 1', 2' and ' 3' from numerical keyboard. Music is delightful and classical (three songs from Bach and one from Mozart) and tend to be a little like Tetris- nápěv. You will humming all of it the day after have played couple of plaies... Together, that be firm play, with graphic art good quality, sound and games. Yet, it is not quite as good as Tetris, Columns or BlockOut though, but it will don't disappoint you.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Gamos Ltd.


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