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Tým SEAL je opravdu jedinečný hra nebo skutečný kus odpadu, v závislosti na hráčově chuti. Kdy to bylo zveřejněné, grafika a zvuk byl prů


5 Days a Stranger Reviews

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5 days Stranger is punctual- and- clicks adventurous play which be done in year 2003 in extenso Ramblomatic. This play be the first adventurous play I ever played and is yet one of my favourites. robber

caths Trilby got more'n he counted when he broke into DeFoe Mansion. He was under lock and key inside with four other people invisible intelligence. One that will serve anything hold is there. Even murder...

Play is merry making and riddle can be somewhat difficult. This play was made with adventurous play scripting system named AGS. Definitely play worth playing.

REMARK: Cutscenes in those play are VERY stain blood and bloody, so this play isn't for delicate. Alternatively, you could read recap before you play game, so won't you surprised.

Year of publication: 2003

Made by: Fully Ramblomatic


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