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1869 Reviews

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1869 is commercial malingering set in nineteenth century and based on economic system imperialism. Play was mature Max Design in the year 1992. Intrinsic resources from colony and backward countries are shipped into industrialized land and processed there. Goods produced this way are sold back to colonies, sometimes in high profit. Play be based on historical fact. During of the whole games, political or social matters that are historically true influence world's political and economic situation.

Hráčův imposition is (of course) earn so much money, how possible. This is to make store another goods. Economic system be fairly complex, from particular ports will sell little goods and only pay highly awards for goods which be too in demand. In addition, variant of these goods be too tempting aspect games. There are perishable goods, and every has another longevity. Tea, for example, will last for more than fruit, and even highest quality cotton walks mouldy after a while. You be able to do easy money arms, if you add be for wartime territory. But any time you float there, you risk encountering sea blockade of and becomes raided. Besides, part your load - or even whatsoever can be stolen in port with astable political situation.

After you are registered your society and choice your port of register and level problems, play begin with world map. This map is divided into four branch: Europe, Asia, North - and South America. On map, all ports you can sail to were indicated, and in addition to this, there are some marks navigation accessible at navigation, but I come to to those later. In the end, there's a grande ship on screen. If you choose this ship, you can control your fleets, that you do not have at the beginning games, nevertheless. So, you first need to visited to shipping company.

Now did you to the point wherein you have to handle plane glass surface - it is very atypical and to me it is one of play offal. Rightly- clicks on individual ports you open out small menu seats did you able visit. It be but possible to if you have you got at least one ship in port (except in your port of register). Matters be possessed in duologues then (that are reminiscent adventure). Not only you can choose duologues, but you can also change some of them rightly- clicks. S left off- clicks on ports did you taken directly to the local marketer, where you can buy and dispose of the goods. You should always keep in mindthat the you only have you got money that is of available to ship in port. It's next point which will do so necessary to plan your travelling choicely. Nevertheless, when in the end you will find out, what to do in different localities, operating controls get easier. All these things demand certain familiarity with play.

When you be detected some profitable commercial routes, you can spend hours on play and get dependent hereto quite easily. Graphic art are first - rate pulled if you consider age games, and sound be too pleasant, but no too various. On the whole, I evaluate this play in four, especially because of its pedantic supply lead.

Several clash with for beginners: First ship should not be too expensive, used sailboat will do. Failing that you will run short of cash much fast. If it should become as though you do not have enough money to deck pay your crew, that it is possible let through whole crew and hire new sailors. These they will demand payment after to other travelling. But it method only works if naval cargo hold is empty. There are another tide and diversification storms according to period. Shortest way is therefore no necessarily best. If you carry you articles inwardly, there is nothing that be in the way your path how successful marketer. The rest you'll have to find out for himself.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Max Design GesMBH


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