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Uprostřed celého Kings hledání a oblek volných času Larryův her které Sierra vytahovaly koncem 1980s oni také publikovali poněkud zapomen


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Similar golf and games darts, computer bowling will never really intercepted true charm games in real life. Yet, that always be merry making enough to, to played and huckster much easier than in real life.There's no - ův ' sensation balls bowling, no Fred Flintstoneův tip - finger before getting strike, any need special bot... In reality you even don't need the little oz. energy to hove ball bowling. Everything what need to be to chosen direction, rotation balls, much needed, to roll down it alley and trace pins fall.

Basically, whole hra - hra consists of withdrawal direction balls and compression fire when correct value for much and rotation it seems. It's how do you roll by computer. But do this play slightly more interesting, they included another modes games.

You get into build up whole team pitchers who can contend another team; you can roll against to a friend or počítačinebo you can simply practise your bowling. At all events you view it, that always be same ancientry getting balls to pins, but of competition against to someone always will do so slightly more interesting.

Graphic art are nicely done, although they be but 4 colour CGA graphic designer. Strains are basic and will help only enough to, so that will not have to introduce sound fall pins themselves. Together, that be firm play, but nothing from average.

It's yet easier playing this than have much your own bowling alley in your living room (only imagines destruction furniture!).

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Access Software, Inc.


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