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Adventure je Serenia (jak PC verze je nazývaná) nebo jak to je jinak zná Wizard a princezna byla udělaná v roce 1980, ale nebyly publikov


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it briefed and comical action play based on Jamesi unfree film (playing Timothy Daltona). It follows story through five by other level. You must withdraw from your place how spy 007, stop bad Sancheza and destroy his dope empire.

Play be published for another PCs .; PC version can not be named good for it is much easy. Graphic art is not so bad, although backcloth could look much better, and animation is smooth. Comparison PC version with C64 and Amiga leaves it far behind (this play was popular one, especially on C64).

In first - level you control gunship. Keep it above on the way because you will destruction immediately if you struck house or tree. Enemy will fire away from small grey home or from rooftops. Fire away is or only avoidance of their bullets. You have to achieve entrance to friend base and reduce to tie somewhere. You catch sight of small boxing word "JUMP" down it beside your gunship if you be in the right position. Press "FIRE" key, tie will jump out and you end first imposition.

Comparative degree is probably most interesting. Tie goes through enemy base fight with his arms. If you hold "FIRE" button you catch sight of that the aim can be round left and right. After that, tie will fire away at that direction till then, than you change it again. You have you got three clips but more can be found how do you shoot down enemies. There's a more than one's ammunition, but if you waste all of it without vision next clip lift, you prance about at that. You can also fire away barrels which explode and you can kill enemy if he costs near that. How do you fire away, ammunition in clip inside arms drops out till then, than you have given next clip under command of handsome. If enemy fires you, globular hole discovers in your kevlar waistcoat (until five before you lose one's life). At the end you will find next gunship.

Did you in gunship again and have you any kind hook. You must catch aircraft his tail with hook. Only continue compression "FIRE" key while did you target tail. When you catch it, tie will jump out again (this time with by parachute).

Now you swim and have you got only your knife. Boats they will implore slip you and some enemy they will implore fire away you. From time to time, enemy will not come out and you catch sight of tail aviation before you. You have to give wide berth crafts, kill enemy soldiers with your knife and you obtain single shot departure harpoon. Now wait for aircraft to show it is tail and fire away it, but advances in possession "FIRE" button. You are now attached to aircraft and have to get at it while it is will speed up. How do you slowly make for ariplane, you must bend out rocks.

At last level you have to destroy four lorries transport needle. Did you on the plane and you must jump on enemy lorry ( small boxing reappear). Now you you are driving lorry (good thing is as though it is a little rougher to drove for it is heavy truck) and you have to slip dinky green light autos which fire away rackets to you - or push is off the road. Enemy lorries only can be out in the cold. End this and you get greetings card report and play will start all over again.

Levels of be of interest but are as easy as though it will kill action sensation. Perhaps you'll have some trouble with first and second level, but catch aviation and swimming level (as though used was hardest on C64) be too easy. Even at last level you can only drive lorry without avoiding enemy racket. Next important reason for this play being too easy is enemy AI. C64 version had much better AI; enemy bent in you better and play card right at shift, boats burny at you, there be more rockies... It demanded much skills. Precisely if you were agent pop into mouth lions. Only on PC, you feel like you always be in training.

Play be cock of worth examination. In reality, if you want to give it a try, then you should end it. Various levels of they will interesting to everyone action fan and, offcourse, some /every /no unfree fan. Unfortunately, after you end it, you with difficulty want to sham again (that is of opposite case in future versions), especially if did you experienced actor player. So, this play cannot get more'n 2 from 5. If it had been a little harder, it would be at least be average, unless much good actor play like future versions.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Quixel


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