Where in Americas Past is Carmen Sandiego
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Já musím říct, které tento zdá se být většina vzdělávací Carmen Sandiego doposud. Líbilo se mi to a doufám, že vy také. To je poněkud věr


System Shock 2 Reviews

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System Shock is dimerous set computer FPS Science fiction/horror RPG plaies with kyberpunkovým subject from companies Looking Glass Studios; published society Origin (System Shock 2 then published society Electronic Arts (EA), which Origin finally bought).

System Shock 2 tie together on forepart and be enacted more than forty years after a closure A's, then in the year 2114. Ujímáte role stature, which have to get at the bottom of uncanny destruction crew on space boats Von Braun and battle - cruiser Rickenbacker.

since are quite by coincidence forfeit memory in the last few weeks, they will to you matters big and not very pleasant astonishment. To inquest of what on ship state, you will help remains gamy, will you browse dark ship's part and don't bend out not even combating Extra - Terrestrials and creation, that fecit.

Year of publication: 31. Července 1999

Made by: Electronic Arts


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