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To je ukázat a kliknout dobrodružnou hru udělanou Pendulo Studios v roce 1994. Vy hrajete Igora, student ve škole. Vy zouf


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Atomix is amusing logical play published firm Thalion Software back in 1990 where in maze moves molecule and you her you must well complete, than you will run out timeout.

on side you can choose one's or two player. In games for more players wins that, who has more points. If don't catch molecule tag together in limit, so have on selection two possibilities: take off articles or replay wheel.

Cílem games is put together molecules from single move atoms after maze it is possible their withdrawal and movement up, pit, left or transport. Point isthat the moving atom will don't stop earlier, than will strike up the wall or another atom. Because it is not possible stop atom in the middle of movement, be necessary well plan, how give molecule together.

play has on the whole 30 level, first nine is clerkish below, after every five levels is in addition and bonusová, in níž are instead of atoms Erlenmayerovy cupping - glass, that are filled - out different quantity liquid and of course have place according - specified design.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Thalion Software


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