Gauntlet II
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Po úžasném úspěchu první železné rukavice, Atari rozhodl se udělat pokračování v roce 1989. Skutečnost, že oni udělali pokračování jen je


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Red Baron, simulator dogfight from first world wars, is one of the best 3D simulators which in of his day arose.

play requires definite tactics of battle, above all at missions, where after you requires cooperation with others pilots. Without orderly combat strategy is for example as it were impossible insert vertically from sky gigantic Zeppelin laden by many machine - gun clutches.

graphic art play on imprint date is relatively more than happy. Interesting thing is possibility of play up to his flying and consequently mould dema and take from that possibly some filmeček. :)

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Dynamix


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