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To je pták! To je letadlo! To je... uh, dobře, ano to je letadlo... ale to je víc než to... To je žralok oblohy! Taito představuje další


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CD mannas is classical play, from order Pac - Manů, where happen devourer of everything that rolls overland and cop out on creation, which want to eat you.

CD-MAN be situated into different environment, and imposition games is henceforth extensive about collection promotive articles and unlock parts surface key etc . You can of course hide behind various fences and walls, or even behind gate, but one in the same way you will have to out of hiding place back to spiders.

Snědením taw happen for a while immortal and hunt your present pursuer. As far as collect all dots, act to another lion.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Creative Dimensions


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