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Hra, která byla počátkem devadesátých let nainstalována na drtivé většině osobních počítačů, to je Prehistorik 2 z roku 1993. Přestože byla


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hexene, whole title hexene: Beyond Heretic, is computer action play, published in the year 1995. Known is as one of clones games Doom. Play run on licensed doom enginu, that is of but constitutional improved. Hexene wait to see one's data - diskthat the names hexene: Deathkings of the Dark Citadels.

hexene has compared to Doomu play engine gist of improved - visit interactions among levels, walling they may move into as regards, door they may open up in hinges, here and there discovers and earthquake and next more complex phenomena like fog or water - flow. It it is possible thanks so - called special polyobjektům. On side it is possible move and vertically by the help of flying or skipping.

be in a position choose of the three statures (warrior, spiritual, magician), which have his specific characteristics. Near each of them you can elect from six different burdensomeness.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Id Software


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