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Původ je především známý jako jejich impozantní Ultima série.V roce 1988, původ- ovo programátor Chris Roberts se rozhodl vytvořit RPG kt


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Americký Army (known either as AA or Army Game Project) is politic multiplayer (multiuser play) firm personnel shooter (střílečka from look player) owned Vládou Spojených of the state American, issue as public relation (public relations) reinitiating help with advertising into near.S. Army.

PC version 1.0 with deck Recon was mature and published 4. June 2002. Since already was to published more than 20 up - dating, presently is accessible version is 3.0. Play is financed from given to American citizens and distributed to clear of charges. Play was originally develop MOVES institute on Naval Postgraduate School further beneficial Unreal Engine.

Year of publication: 2002

Made by: U.S. Army


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