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Fifa 97 Reviews

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FIFA 97 is video game mature EA Canada and publicize below Electronic Arts. Play be enacted for PC 24. June 1996 and after it followed version for Playstation, SNES, mega Drive and Sega Saturn.

main novelty on side, was indoor association football, where play to 6 on 6 and ball reflects from sides, and globally be much faster rate games. On the whole was to 6 regime how are you could play to. League be at sb.'s disposal on side inclusive English, French, Italian, German, Netherlandish, Scottish league and Malay M - liga and next parties, as well as from American- ligy, from clubs with fictitious teams compact of play makers, as are Bruce McMillan and PennyLee.
commentary provides John Motson and Andes Gray, while moderator is Des Lynam.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Electronic Arts


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