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Colonization for Windows Reviews

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Colonization is unexceptionable tension strategy ?of the old school?. Acts about younger sister legendary civilization from of even maker Microprostethat the among others fecit possibly transport Tycoon Deluxe, by but all resemblance ends.

Cílem games is zkolonizovat New World - America (or another accidentally generated provincial). Next landing in New World it is necessary on fit place establish colony and start business old continentthat the is for play completely crucial. Behind by boat imports into Europe obtain funds on purchase specialists working profession or armament arsenalthat the to us will help build up strong colony.

play not even nowadays didn't lose nothing from his faery, surely graphic art hasn't High Resolution and isn't in 3D at the other side is fine hand - lettered. Music is proper, pretty etch in colonization atmosphere, soon however oposlouchá, on playability it however no nothing takes.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Microprose


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