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Poprvé co jsem kdy hrál hru jako to byla kdy já jsem hrál na 7. Guest (ale to bylo spalo náměstí-a - gon - vy jste hráli v náměstí).


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Ať you stroke play it seems according to screenů as child's, believethat the her have on světomí world - known studio Electronic Arts. A in spite of its age would this "play" called the very progressive.

play you will offer several actors, objects, and backgrounds. A be but up to you how be taken advantage of. You can create classical fairy tales, personal comedic stories or detective story. Namely everything only by the help of of several clicks.

if this play had rate, put would her 200 from 100, because to her return already little over 8 years and meanwhile me yet didn't pall on. I hope as though you will amuse so as I.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Electronic Arts


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