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FIFA Soccer 96 Reviews

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Fifa 96 be the first football success developer team Electronic Arts. On side was to for the first time use 3D graphic art in the same way than in NHL 96, in the concrete 3D technology on behalf of "Virtual Stadium". Previous lots wasn't from far so succeed in competition Actua Soccer or Sensibile Soccer, but herewith partly FIFA vyhoupla about several class height.

as I get in, FIFA 96 become very popular just thanks graphic art and her 3D enginu. For the first time were to be licensed name players on correct bed. O commentary games look after jolly good fellow on behalf of John Motson and play so reacted much real. On selection have you got 59 national teams from all over the world, inclusive Czech nation. Slaughter competitor you can in these mock - up: přátelák, season, or tournament on way world championship.

at that time I'm thought as though graphic art that shall near games FIFA 11, will unrealthat the not even don't recognize discrepancy between play and reality, but contrary is the case. Graphic art stopped somewhere with year 2004 and on side be truly a only cosmetic changes in the same way than in NHL and EA Sports spouts yearly part behind partly because of penezům.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: EA Sports


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