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Brány Skeldalu Reviews

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harrow Skeldalu is Czech computer game genre RPGthat the in the year 1998 fecit Henry roll. Play combines 2D and 3D graphic art. Play hasn't though graphic art like Crysis, but behind it has story which has today one play from sta.

Vaším imposition be destroyed 5 bad magicians, which on island Rovenland enthrone its cruel government and try open out forbidden dimensi, through niž can flow evil. Into buoy mould with company tří statures different occupation. Stature can castigate addition bonusových points to different features.

to resuscitation those Czech fable get in the year 2005, when to her Ondřej Novák (programmer games) wrote introduction programme type Win32 executable below Windows 2000/XP/Vista. So that today isn't problem start play and on Windowsd 7. Also later rised editor maps and icon for. Fans fecit and several new off the record enlargement from nichž be about most widely known adventure Magika and her data - disk sphere.

Year of publication: 1998

Made by: Napoleon games


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