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Golden Axe je počítačová hra - arkáda vydaná v roce 1989 firmou Sega. Byla to první hra této série.


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Elasto Mania is playthat the malingers ride on cross - country motorcycle in real physical mock - up. On side player happen driver special flexible expense motorcycle (wheel fork motorcycle they may severalfold pull through), which makes it possible to how common forward running, so and ride up wheels, when is motorcycle hung on hindrance one or by both wheels. After keystroke spacebar (sleeping) turns travel direction as well as rider on motorcycle will turn up about perpendicular axes. These feature is necessary redeemed for successful mastered track.

Úkolem rider is gather up all the apples en route full hindrances and skokánků and after it arrive home, symbolized flower. Exist also track, where any apples are not, their furtiveness rests in especially difficult system hindrances. A to it wasn't simple, rider can and hurt/kill or prick wheel, whereby en route ends, and have to go again from the start. To sting wheels will get at pre - travel on prickly ball and to injury in case touch head (helmet) all crimp.

play supports play team - mate in so - called regime refunding- screen, i. e. on dimidiate cathode - raytube. To play is connected and editor levelů, by the help of whose you can create personal wheels! Of those find in those shareware version 18, in full play them then obtain at once 36. Levelů however there has been all a lot of (more than 8000)

Year of publication: 2000

Made by: Balázse Rózsou


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