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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Reviews

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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is singleplayer realtimeová politic strategy from Spanish developer companies Pyro studio. Ocitáte in wartime Europe, where have you got hexad allied Commandos.

in every mission have you got however have you got only nektěré of them. Every member Commandos has unique orchard ability, for example speed of movement "lite" Zeleného beret compared to Mariňákovi equipped heavy rucksack with a number of things - after as much as boat, or harpoon with diver's equipment. For example snooper can put into behind Germans, and allure them to a cigarettes. Have also man which look after sniperkou about telework.

all on side attendant mission and office are created so, to player had to at playing think nor only thoughtlessly zigzag. Emphasis is laying and on wraps individual members commando, which burdensomeness games only administer to.

unfortunately play wasn't slack downloadable, so you bringing only demo.

Year of publication: 1998

Made by: Eidos Interactive, Pyro Studios


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