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If vy jste jako já (zaměřené příliš mnoho na PC scéna), tam je vysoká šance vy si myslíte "Murders" série měly jen dvě hry: Vraždy v Bená


Command & Conquer: Red Alert Reviews

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firm Electronic Arts to 13. anniversary publication games Command & Conquer: Red Alert bitten disengage play like freeware. Play was made at the time when in computers predominated operating system MS-DOS and Windows 95 was entire novelty.

first Red Alert is legendary strategy near which spend hours his life, but surely among attendant at find tací what at the time publication games yet be on mushrooms :)

story games turns round 2. world wars. Fable is Einstein which is in charge of invention of Chronosféry, move to the year 1924, where meets yet young Adolfa Hitlera and will erase him from time line, however outbreak second world wars will not hamper..

to sprovoznění will you need some schedule for unsquashing (WinRar), further programme Daemon Toolsthat the navirtualujete CD and then install play himself.
if be abreast of whosesoever problem make o.s . heard on ICQ 330365354, like advise st. to. If
have you got Windows 7 it is necessary draw down stale mate from internet. Search mucky child :)

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Westwood Studios



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