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Rytíři legendy pochází z toho obtížná éra střední pozdnímu 80s to nám dala Windwalker, vesmírného tuláka a Times Lore, kdy systémy původu


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Descent is 3D action play from first personthat the allow you to control cosmic ship Pyro - GX. S Pyro - GX you can travel through various pits. Ship can use various arms, e.g .: lasers, Vulcan Cannon, Spreadfire Cannon, plasma Cannon, and Fusion Cannon.

firm PTMC (Post-Terran Minerals Corporation) lifts minerals on nine planets solar system, exercise workers and robots, to did their work. However, now are mining robots operated cowboy, and taken workers like surety. PTMC try to return robots below their verification, but communication with mining stations be destroyed.

aim every levels of is find and destroy pile. As soon as finish aim, be here 45 seconds, for search roads out of pit, than come to explosion. Enemy you they will defend from ne plus ultra.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Interplay


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