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Po úžasném úspěchu první železné rukavice, Atari rozhodl se udělat pokračování v roce 1989. Skutečnost, že oni udělali pokračování jen je


Jazz Jackrabbit 2: holiday hare Reviews

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on side player can choose among 6 episodes. Every episode includes 3 planets and every planet 2 levels of. At the end episodes player match with boss in independent final level.

along games can player run against big and well hidden precious stonethat the finds on one of two level every planets. Herewith precious stone at the end levels of activates latent demand secret bonusová 3D level, in which player collects blue jewelry in maze.

if player copes during increase mission collect required number precious stone before expiry timeout, regaining one life in addition.

Year of publication: 1998

Made by: Epic MegaGames


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