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Dungeon Master 2: Legend of Skullkeep Reviews

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Dungeon Master II: Legend about Skullkeep is continuation legendary dungeonu (Dungeon Master), which booted sort of unwritten standard in this sub- druhu RPG plaies.

play was published in the year 1993 in Japan and in the year 1995 in by other lands world. Is accessible on basis PC, Amiga, Macintosh, Sega CD, PC-9821 and FM-TOWNS.

Vaším aim be stopped Lorda Chaose. That is however hidden snug nether world and place that sends his vice - Dragotha. That try about activation dimensional harrow, to open to Chaosových periods on surface existence. You will you try about it all from across - get into nether world earlier, than Dragoth here and stop him. Namely puts do alone by the help of machinery Zo - Link, hidden on height strongholds Skullkeep.

its in one's own hand created company you must bite one's way out as far as home over tens subsoil labyrinths, that are full conniving enemies, but also different treasures and equipment, that you can frank. Your heroes gains get on higher - level death - roll monsters.

play has unreality dense atmosphere. Is that a assessment largely also absolutely unique graphic, sound and musical processing.

Dungeon Master 2 is legendthat the will never forgotten.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Interplay


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