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playthat the arose earlier, than many homesters readers catch be born. Despite is however always inflected like glamorous idol playability and loveliness. Title, who put new proportion his genre. Play which brought real - time fight into computer RPG plaies and thanks which began this specific kind RPG give a name "dungeony".

story výpráví about wizards uncommon ability on behalf of Lord Greythat the at his experiments with virtuous artifact "Power Gem", made somewhere general failure. His personality disjoined and his bad I - "Lord Chaos" terrorizes limit and your aim be just about that virtuous artifact Power Gem find and stop Lorda Chaose.

at first lion choose 4 stature. Pick and choose, best is have two fighters in front and magicians at the back. If do you thinkthat the are Chuck Norris and after-strike out is there all so, that try to, but by alone right undertaker's to gain.

atmosphere dark mine is simply nonrecurring and nothing, perhaps only with extract fantastic second volume, she will fail to imitate.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Interplay


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