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Worms.. Abych se přiznal, nikdy jsem nehrál Worms, ani Worms+. Začal jsem "až" na Worms Armagedon, a u ní jsem strávíl spoustu propařených v


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first volume those aged strategically- adverbial games has on conscience French firm Cryo. Games start from book model Duna (wrote Frank Herbert).

player vžívá into role Paula Atreida, son duke Leta Atreida and his concubines Jessiky. Imposition player is travel over desert planet Arrakis (known as Duna) and try persuade native inhabitant Fremeny to cooperation. First to mining spice later as well as to fight or environmentalism. Troop it is possible equip by various arms, knife starting with and atomic bombs ends.
Konečným the point is expulsion stock Harkonnenů from planets.

play is relatively demanding of your reasoning and correct making decisions, inclusive election next drill.

Grafice nowadays only pousmějete, but on his time was splendid, has though only 320x200 resolution and 256 colours, but colour transition forms beautiful sunset and dawn.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Virgin Interactive


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