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Railroad Tycoon II Reviews

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Railroad Tycoon II is given compared to his ancestor of into coronet better graphic art and more elaborate system playing. Railroad Tycoon II come out Gathering of Developers in the year 1998 after it, what PopTop Software acquire rights to name from Microprose.

Některé function 1st Railroad Tycoonu in this continuation is missing, such as for example possibility of build tunnel and beacon, but on the contrary much new possibility of was to added, ability have boundless borrowing power, trains and railway lay-out,much better control of itineraries, tens new maps and possibility of create and change scenarios and map.

Existují tens new scripts, including those in Africa, North America, Germany, Swiss Alps, jungle South America.

Datadisk, Railroad Tycoon II: Second Centurythat the be expended later, contained new scenarios with a view to modern time, plus were to be added new element into economies. Play and her data - disk were to be again published together in Gold Edition and after it, with 50 next user's script, extradited like Platinum Edition.

play wasn't uvolňěna like freeware, therefore is here only demo.

Year of publication: 1998

Made by: PopTop Software



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