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WarWizard je shora dolů fantazie-hrající hra role od Microgenesis, trochu připomínající Ultimu série, ale s jeho moc vlastní, jedinečnou


WarCraft 1: Orcs and Humans Reviews

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real - time strategy on motives games Dune 2 with wee bit worse graphic art and music, but here and there better ideas. Supports mule- player after modem and in seriatim fashion cable.

on side himself are two different races orkové (shriek) and people. Compared to Duně 2 is here improvement. Office differ. Once have you got save attacked monastery, next time deliver knight Lothara from gigantic zawn, third time destroy base orků. To other expressive improvement are variety of terrain, in which the lion be enacted.
in Warcraftu fight in morass, woods, zawns, in broken forts etc .

globally it is possible Warcraft account precious play from Blizzarduthat the worth while play and if are play game Dune 2 and entertained you, so Warcraft warmly recommend.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Blizzard Entertainment


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