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Obrněný vůz Všeobecný, první SSI'S Všeobecných her, byla opravdu fantastická hra kdy to vyšlo v roce 1994. To kombinovalo skalní strategi


Crazy Cars 3 Reviews

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Crazy Cars 3 third part and at the same time last. Attractive works playthat the have plenty common elements with NFSU, even if this play get along about more than ten years ago.

Závodíte without consequence after streets and in the working condition. At store you can vytunit his car for example tyres with spikes or rocket motor, in garage again his iron - plate sweetie join up hacks after race. When damage into other autos, damage it his and you must him repair. Since goes about money, applies speed. Behind make money you can
touch up car, name into better races and again make money.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Titus



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