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Příběh, který

They chtěl držet věrný prequel (první Spellcasting hře). Příjemný, zábavný, s inteligentním humorem, ořechový a s mn


Belegost Reviews

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Belegost is Czech text adverbial from time when are yet perhaps not even weren't in the world (1991).

story adverbials Belegost arose on motives works J.R.R. Tolkiena. Ocitáte in Druhém age Středozemě, when dwarfish town Belegost ransacked military shriek dark mister Saurona and in town stayed lost glamorous stone Alqualamírthat the will to proof cure injury incurred dark force.

Staré prophecy genuinethat the shriek Alqualamír cannot carry away, because in their arm will fluster into white.

Vaším imposition is this stone convert to dwarfs back.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Cybexlab


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