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A jednoduchá a návyková hra, to je vítězný vzorec který byl užívaný s tolik klasik, a toto (třebaže ne tak docela dobře známý) opravdu pa


Commander Keen 2: The Earth explodes Reviews

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second volume set Commander Keen went off parallel with first, which meansthat the didn't get to no conceptual changes.

Rozdílem inhere only progress story, and double barrelled side-by-side shotgun is rather such enlargement first volume, než - li full - value continuation.

fight but this time won't on Mars. Native Zemi threatens now ship so - called Vorticonů, who her logically want to destroy, and can us save alone Chuck Norris ... further as a matter of fact Commander Keen, which are you, so that give thereinto! ;)

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: ID Software


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