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Psycho Pinball Reviews

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Psycho Pinball is one of series infinitely gaining remake on pinball in itself.

from those of others however him something substantial contradistinguishs. Is that a largely variety levelů and lion design in itself.

on the whole be here four ' tables ' : Wild West(wild west), Trick or Treat(Halloween), The Abyss(in sea depth) and Psycho(circus).

especially would then poke out musical accompaniement of each of wheel and sound distribution globally, that is of from my point of view upon this play best. Authors succeed totally truthful atmosphere of each of wheels and just thanks that become this play my best - loved in his caregory.

Hratelnostně it looks again well, because Psycho Pinball all the time sustains fair rate and sometimes will you really need good perception, to you ball didn't slip through.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Codemasters


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