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Tunneler je hra z počátku 90. let, kterou jistě mnozí z nás hrají i dnes. Hra je pro 2 hráče na jedné obrazovce (tzv. splitscreen).


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this action 2D stone see by top view is remake on legendary Bombermanathat the ' see the light ' back in 1983.

Procházíte through the few tenners levelů various environment just by the help of bombs, that after several sendách explode with and nobody's everything round.

Objevují various powerupy, that you will enlarge and will amplify explosion your high explosive or give to your built special skills, to instance passing wall or possibility of lay more bombs all of a sudden (normally you can lay up only one).

play includes also multiplayer on one PC, 2 field on keyboard, alternatively 3. and 4. on joysticku.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Hudson Soft



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