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Nindža je krátkodobá legrační hra která byla moc zajímavá kdy to první ukázalo se. To je hezký a krátký počítačová hra která dařila se tá


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action those Czech adverbial be enacted in small clachan with universal name Lhota. Fable detective Venca Záhyb is one's typically disconsolate in afternoon in one’s classically uncleared office deputed imposition at most difficult. Pohlídat seven daughters wealthy marketer Jonathana Smithethat the goes for a week on trade channels.

how soon find out, task entrusted the best person. Venca in pub with chum stakingthat the all daughter will catch into week "přefiknout" and trip behind adventure can start...

play manages lovely graphic art, witty duologues and unique "simulator screwing" whereat really need..

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Pterodon Software



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