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Did you action hero, who uses his whip, wear cool hat and collects treasure on way. NO, aren't Indianský Jones! So have you have you got sword, are clothing everything in black and have you got mask over your face. It's true. Did you Zorro.

It's action play which is taking you through the few down, moulds, fort, tunnels and even through jungle. There's a county set included in extras, that accounts for how move and even gives you some counsel how find exits level.

Basically you have you got much room and you come in in one’s side and need to got off somewhere another. To get there you need to leapt and climb the. On way you have to look out for put - up explosives and enemy fencer. You can manage is also with whip (you will have to attach hit, but you can do be safe at a distance) or with your sword (but they will come near and be more dangerous you). Except triggers which start lump arrows or cannon rolls towards your chest, there are also door falling, who will back off below your weight and you drop provincial you were walk on.

There be but certain distance that you can survive at skipping down. If you fall through the few level you definitely die. But if your fall wasn't hard, you will only land and perhaps drop Z. There are many Zsa collect on way, well next sweets. If you run Zsa you drop life (but then again, you have you got you in boundless quantities). You can also drop Zsa when did you charging.

So you need to look into surrounding countrythat the did you find myself in and find exit, be able to in the end achieve ends. On way you reveal conspiracy, that be based on legend Zorroa. There's a groundage named Cortez, who knows whereabouts legendary goldmine and people start fadeaway. You need to find Corteza and go wrong his bad conspiracy, just like some /every /no masked hero could do.

Together this play merits 3, because although graphic art and small strains there are, are nice to, yet play leaves too much the matter to pure for analysis luck. You need to obiit several times before you solve how continue bythat the definitely be a nuisance.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Capstone Software


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