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Impressive- ův zone plaies 66 take place in futures after Spojených nations- ův Decision , that world would be better off if it was not so patriot.

Eligible regions that was once country were to be change into below- státy and conceded some self - government, while new organization planning replaced UN, known how World Council, split up business on global scale. Unfortunately, new regulation no - run through how planned. Excesses and wars abroad by other land pave the way for organized criminal and terroristic groups, so World Council fecit GSA- - GLOBAL security agency, military constabulary timekeeper with restorative peace and order to world.

Did you were once every pilot for GSA into accident damagethat the you be caused by inadvertently killed innocent people. Although did you weren't punish for this, did you didn't swear never more fly for GSA or somebody else. That changed one night when your native town be shot combat eukaryotic capital, taking your wives and firstborný child's child with it. Did you promised to got vengeance and get down to search to find out as though who ordered demolition your cities.

Zone 66 be enough difficult 3. upper flight simulator men. How story acts, you fly mission against those mysterious organization planning. Mission zone 66 is to destroyed all enemy launching rocket base scattered throughout tropical island; do so, you must pick aviation, suits that with controlled shots and bombshells then search outhouse to destroyed is.

In contradistinction to by many scrolling flying simulators, zone 66 incorporates one big map which you can fly around. Your volubility to be almost boundless, how you can fly wherever except before region that the mission take place v. Your aircraft has dull reserves of fuel, and from time to time you can need to landed in friendly base to fill and again weapon - or even switch aviation. If you be destroyed, you can continue by so much how do you do you love, but your score will truncated to 0.

Also, you cannot strafe textures country; you need to drop bombs on them to could take out is. Before young mission and at transfer, you pick arms your aircraft is replete, based on his bearing. Every bomb type is superior to others in certain situations; for example, usual bomb is perfect for bombing particular undefended textures because of his little raies explosion, while mega - bombs be effective in erasure several ground defence and structures all of a sudden. Drop bombs requires much accuracy and time setting, so near, -vacations usually come short of, to didn't destroy aim. It is not as easy how so sounds, unfortunately, how examiner reduce to simple bomb on artillery weapon at high speed while below heavy enemy firing really is hard to do. In contradistinction to your air - to - air arms, you only have you got dull armament bombs, so you will have to return into base to reload.

Through mission, you will always parry enemy aeroplane and escape enemy the artillery and surface airy missile launcher at demolition your aims. Your aviation has two skills help out it when it prance about at that: shadow mode, and escapist mode. Shadow mode uses part your firing to made your aviation resistant to damage, that bestead at examiner reduce to bomb on one last aim among group enemy the artillery. Escapist mode also be used firing, but it gives your aviation temporary burst of speedthat the be useful to enemy purposes ordinary bombing.

Friendly fighters always they will implore disperse you from your mission and shoot down you. Even on easiest setting, they're power to was count. Your aviation can be provide with controlled shots to go down shot departure aviation, and you can also try to find friend flying base to bomb. S by any flying base you bomb, quantity fighters undertake you cut.

You can fly mission using keyboard, but you can also use joystick or play stuffing (which creators advise). Playing zone 66 with keyboard not seem to be down real step from played with joystick, nevertheless. In reality, that can easily be applicable keyboard from your aviation changes above sea level altitude of, and your direction is changed by pressing left the or right; rate of swelling be governed by with up and down keies. People, who played ministry transport 2192 will have small difficulty getting hill - side flying aviation how operating controls be like each other. Trainerthat the labels point where your bombshells clubbing when they're launched, can cause some confusion with control speed aviation, but it no will be of long duration, than get used to it.

To could play to zone 66 with Dosbox, you will most probably have to set aside XMS and EMS memory in Dos - boxing.consult. Also, music does not seem to work if you don't write "zone66 /with" at pickling games.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Renaissance


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