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Vaše hledání v pánovi žaláře 2 je aby zabránilo Dragoth- ovo oblíbencům z vytvoření - ův Zo brány ' , která by dovolila jemu vstoupit Sku


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A simple and addictive play, that is champion figure which be used with so much classic, and this (although not as quite familiar) really lapse into those caregory.

Zona 0 is play made Spanish society Topo Soft and line you mounted fast wheels behind - letting roads behind your motorcycle. Off you leave behind you cut off competition. If you collide with to other cycle, masonry, leave platformunebo crash into roads ( either your or another) you drop life.

Trick is to cut off opponent of at have got enough space to manoeuvred about into next riders breakdown (cannot stop).

Colour be too handsome (you get into choose among by other modes, but I I prefer VGA mode). There's a nevertheless dinky trouble, so sometimes you may see next cycle for split second, but it be but picture phantom of what should not be there.

Sound isn't anything special, so there is not much to will not to say about it. It does work maintenance games. But addictive games really don't need sound maintenance that. If you really want telling sound, check INTRO set.

You can will overstate key to your ox (and me I preferthat the you do you do so, only keep in mind, you be but able move in diagonal).

Together, that be overwhelming little time abortion, unfortunately you always have to start from the beginning, how play offers no type inquiry or straight password. It is also sole purpose having it perfect score.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Topo Soft


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