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Zeliard be done play art in the year 1987 for Japanese market. Note that year, please. 1987 entailsthat the this play get along next first Zelda play on NES system, and alongside it play Zeliard he was one of defining games for RPG genre. Nevertheless, our criteria, this play be more mounting how computer game. Later, in the year 1990, Sierra imported play American market.

This story begins 2000 years ago, when Jashiin, Emperor chaos, broken confusion and demolition underfoot Zeliard. King Felishika seek aid spirit country, and together succeed them seal demon deep underfoot by using coaming nine Holy Crystals; eywater Esmesanti. Now, 2000 years later, Jashiin succeed in get without his prison, and he isn't happy. Search his revenge on royal family, he turned fair princess Feliciiu Felishika on stone, and summoned rain sand across the country. To 108 days it poured down veer former green and furtile country on brown and lifeless desert. Royal grief wake spirit country again, who promises to sent brave and strong Knights to royal bear a hand; Duke Garland.

So really magnificent play begins. Zeliard is standard 2D side scrolling play, where you will need to updated your arms and armament to could let go into more and more more powerful enemy. Nevertheless, you need always remind of themselves as though this play be done in year 1987, how this play is age before his sometimes in every aspect games. Everything in all play features 6 another swords and shields, 7 strong faery and 8 virtuous entries, in addition to ton of other sums like another kind bot (for walking on ice, walking under fire, etc .) hood which offer you specialprotection, combs, keys and remember; Alma.

Alma are aquired killing monsters, and there are 3 another sorts in the aggregate it has another appreciate. These Almas can be changed in your local bank for gold. Banks also have next much important function; they allow you to bring into position your savings free of charge. These savings then can be withdraw from some /every /no banks in all of games, any time. At least, that is thought. Be very careful about teller, though, he be known to bythat the is dissuasive bastard. There are times when he will defalcate your money, and assert as though your account is empty. Nevertheless, how do you start play, you probably waive long in zawns, and inquiry your money (and hopesthat it%%= well will go against), often can be best bet. At least till then, than did you succeed in buy both good shield and weapon update in Weaponsmith. It be too decisive, how do you drop of the whole gold and half quantity Almas you carry if you die, making 1500 gold high quantity to attained initially. Nevertheless, if you walks into the palaces, king will bestow you with 1000 gold from treasure house to help you on way. Also noticethat the you cure over time, so if you be badly off cheers, you can implore localize safe - deposit and grow together. You can also get your life supplied visitation town church - or using healing sums.

In addition, always you will respawned back in temple in the very first village. This is not as bad as it sounds, how do you will not have any difficulty getting back to where did you were, bestowed as though did you got some special equipment like shoes which allow you to walk up brae. Nezapomeněte always speak to people, that you encounter, so how are you wearing some of these extraordinary items, but also because they offer good advice on zawns and secrets v.

Graphic art, especially mountains in distant backcloth young village, do they really nice to look on and uses much dull palette, and combination with animations that are intriguingly smooth, that does visual convene really handsome. Strains and music is standard peep strains as though all of us become fond of to hated, but airs be in fact intriguingly appetising and me ain't got I'm didn't reduce to loudness yet. Perhaps because there are another music score for another seat on play, so that is always refrigerant and new.

Play be governed by mostly using driving keies and of free seats, that be functional key. You use space bar to assault with your sword and talk bourgeois. Later you obtain another faery, and those are all performer with key Altem. To gain access to your inventory, simply compress Enteru. Esc take exception to play, and F7 allows you to load one of your multiple saves. It's true, this play allows you to buckler several by other plaies on your hard disk, that do they really whacking feature. To buckler play you will need to visited town- mystic (or die, and get resurrected first town- mystic). To retire from the game, you use Ctrl+Q solving wellknown for old games.

If you want to try play which, even today's standards, be overwhelming 2D scrolling RPG Adventure, then contemplation no further. Zeliard is games to you. Astonishing play which is hard to reason about about it, how 1987 publication. A highly recommended download!

While play is playable in VDMSOUND, it is not recommended. It does musical sound much warped and poisonous.

A to those, who make up one's mind play to this play in DOSBOX, weaken cycles much (Ctrl+F11) before fight boss in. This is not to hasn't done you buoy stupidly simple, but rather a hereto, to made be in fact playable. While the rest games not seem to hamper what cycles rate of swelling is, front office will flying everywhere and will kill you before, than you can say: "oh, look. It's crab- monster on rate of swelling."

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Game Arts Co., Ltd.


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