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Wizards Castle, The Reviews

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We initial impression, as I entered the maze that is of these 1981 creep dungeons, was less than positive — text- adventurous size seen much angle and plait, but has always on his heart be about investigation and adventure. So when I realisethat the Wizard - ovo fortified castle be basically Rogue - style creep dungeons about accidentally- generated map, I'm was small I'm concerned. Nevertheless, quickly I'm realized Wizard - ovo fortified castle be far from watery text- verze ASCII games. At far from being astonishing, that is play unexpectedly which could offer couple of hours stand-by cost entertainment, twenty - eight flights after his publication.


with difficulty could be more generic — not long ago- zesnulý magic Zot fecit strong ball ( ball Zot, how play call that). It hidden somewhere inside his tower, that is of replete traps, treasures, and monster of all sorts. You, bold adventurer, are to go in, kill monster, steal ball, and became rich in the process. It mustn't it win no articles for originality or cleverness, but really it's not so bad. As soon as you get into games, you appreciatethat the no matter what do you are you trying to get — clichééd conspiracy be as rooted in adventurous peas you immediately feel whole drive as though you will need. After all, what reason you need next than chance to kill monster and find priceless treasure?


Wizard - ovo fortified castle is unbelievably simple, even standards text plaies: Only first letter order be read, so N is taking you north, S take you south; M set up map, etc .. It is taking few minutes to study / knew instructions, but with liberal by using H(elp) keys, soon instructions come in reflexively, very much quickening play. There are scarcely any- descriptions and only four sorts room. Most games centralizes about walking across by any 8 - would - 8 indoor floor, fight (or avoidance of) monsters, and reclaiming artifacts which allow you to survive frequent- vital effects incarcerate books and brisket, into in the end reclaiming ball ofZot in level 8. Play is simple and does get repeated — it gets boring have to comb through 512 rooms to finded personnel which allows you to act. Also interest is as though much, unless most, sums (swimming - pools, books, and chest) it filling - up fortified castle set abominable damage up to you instead of helping you. S barren of by a fluke, play can quickly close even strongest swordsdwarf.

One interesting point is play basic znakový - system creation, featuring races, sex, and skills. Though in the end differences are insignificant, that is handsome touch to raised factor submersion. This bring us what made this play really worth playing: chicken. How do you range through fortified castle, batty years through rooms, distant clamour reverberate with through vestibule, and smell grilling paste wafts across your through the nose. Magic swimming - pools accidentally will change your znakův race and sex, and little books that does not blind person you or stick to your hands bow to comic. Little details such as these tend to help hold grimace on your face, even when you go for fifth time across floor 3 because of hidden teleporters scattered across fortified castle.

On the whole, although his additional features didn't have to be as whacking, that is merry making, peculiar play with many spirit. Play- shattering matters as are blindness and main sense repetition tend to sap play enjoyment after amounting to fifth levels of, in specific. To 1981 that were strong title, and that is surely jovial entertainment for selective- rising- and - playa adventure when you have you got few minutes. Unfortunately, finish it requires long way for more than your interest tend to last, and there be no saves function.

It runs only nice - looking on XP. Only open file. Play is semi - mute, but on much rare purposes does somewhat surprising beep. There's no configuration needed therefor.

Year of publication: 1981

Made by: International PC Owners


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