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Whales Voyage Reviews

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Contour view: Cetic Voyage be basically RPG it features space- store elements: Your crew will visit several planets, where they may interchange range of goods and execute some mission to could heighten their budget and get better equipment for himself and for their ship.

Story: You allot crew whale, space conveyer that can be telling ship once - - but soon, your men appreciate that the vehicle, that they bought second - hand, was such cheap agreement no because of their gorgeous abilities negotiation butsimplyprotože it is piece crop ends. So, you have you got almost- rozbité naval circle round planets that is of faaar from your beloved Earth, and did you have not got money - recap things: You have you got big problem! ; imposition will, how do you surely already are guessed, find a way to talk to support your revenue office and get back home. Sound easy? Rest assured, it is not...

Play: At the very beginning you need to fecit your crew. Sign system be too similar what we know from many RPGS, even if in cetic Voyage you can evidently only choose among by two by other races. Next specifications, as are profession and attributes, are rather familiar. Profession are defined row school institution your signs take part in early in their live. These include another facilities for mental, scientific or military training. First you pick elementary course, then you choose specific development which in the end results in appropriate profession, such as soldier, psionic, headhunter or scientist. Next interesting feature is mutation rate. You be given the options to spent definite score on your attributes signs to could heighten is. More points, that you spend, higher mutation rate will, so weakening beacon genes, which meanthat the hereof crew - member will somewhat more vulnerable environmental hazards, such as diseases.

After you are completed creation your crew, you be in naval menu. There you can purchase/selling goods, equip your by boat, choose planet to travel to, visit planetthat the did you circulatory and, last but not least, contact special person over the telephone. By pressing escapist key, so have you get into options menu, where you can buckler and load play (please note that you can only make accessible this menu while did you on ship whale).

Depending on which option you choose, you come in one of regimes , that play divided into. Basically, there's a store/equipment modethat the lets you handle certain sums and by virtue of up your by boat, planetary mode, where you can look into planetary settlement and interact with his inhabitant, and interstellar mode, kterýoccasionallyshows objects it can be intervene in your travelling to the other planet. In this case, you can control movement your boats on map and enlist attacking members below the gangway, all of which is veer- based.

Most interesting mode, nevertheless is planetary investigation: After your crew comes on planet, you find myself in colony some. You walk through street and outhouse and will satisfy . ) marketers who sales talk you (or will buy goods of you), criminal who implore kill you and characters who they need help for special mission (for example, help to someone get away from planets - or withdraw from costly sum to the other placing), from of which-all is played real time. You can go into a place simple duologues with many inhabitant, given every členův specific imposition in crew and drive their inventories and skills, as well as trace your surrounding country. To support your orientation, there's a overview map display areas already have explored.

How do you execute purposes for people in need of bear a hand, you will receive payments or extraordinary items and heighten from time to time. This will heighten effectiveness your jolly good fellow, because you you can choose new capabilities according to their profession.

Operating controls: Now we get into only thing distinct shady pages those games: Your operating controls be limited to keyboard; there's no mouse support. Procedure through which you make accessible menu and move your garrisoned be fairly poisonous, how you can either go or operate menu. You have to hit return and down at the same time get into menu and then paddle is successively using cursor keys. How come to find, that is especially hampering during buoy, because you have to run through supply structure quite quickly, namely could would uncrew much ham - handed, since, what it neat in nonlinear way. I'm was found this kind check of the power ham - handed, but I think for most players of those will only be be a matter of practice!

Graphic art & sound: Graphic art be too nicely done, contemplating how old play is. All visual elements be right- tažený (except in interstellar map, in which the some objects quite are hard to identify first) and rather heterogeneous. There are only a few animation, and these spare coarse, but not as quite this should be problem.

Music is touchy with everyone placing and has it's own score, but it can always get a little repeated at the time. Unfortunately, there not seem to be no sound effects, that failing that would have had amplify atmosphere.

Summary: On the whole, cetic Voyage be too firm order scientific- fikce RPG. Nejený it contain RPG/adventurous elements, that also demands certain level strategic management when it comes to traffic and space fights - so it be of great interest mixture genres. Although his story isn't most original one's, play succeed in unfold good quantity entertainment and challenges. In spite of horrible operating controls, that perhapsthat the would could get accustomed to if you show good ox and patience, cetic Voyage will add some handsome play in conjunction with really pleasant graphic art and cool music, so that is without seedy having cenuzkoušky!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: neo Software Produktions GmbH


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