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Unfortunately I can't saysthat the I be truly a apprised of Chinese folk tale and fable, therefore so I'm be surprised, when immediately I'm recognized characters those games. I've seen is in Chinese animated cartoon when I'm was yet child. A I can saysthat the I'm rammed upon this play only in good time, because sewer hall - mark advertise for apish film king which be based on same popular Chinese story pilgrimage to the west.

Panda entertainment is mostly known for being their martial art games, so one expects much action and whacking fight moving in the their peas. West Adventure will don't disappoint you.

You have you got three characters to elected, but they basic in a way have same movements, that is of immaterial alteration drawback. A as soon as you choose signthat the you need to scroll through the world ancient China and go, finish your pilgrimage and buckler kingdom.

Graphic art in play be exceedingly handsome, animation is smooth and simply you will love some of the movements and swines withal.

You need to went and fight, and sometimes you encounter boss inthat the you need to defeated to are could continue by. There will also be several moci - ups in forms pots and glasses. You need to broken is in order to get energy.

Play hasn't eke out feature, but you will not have to restart it any time you die. As soon as you achieve next parts, only you will have to replay it one. Also you should know as though it is cracked version, therefore you have you got boundless lives (and you can come in arbitrary number in cathode - raytube copy protection at the beginning games).

New feature is VS option. You need to knew that the play has two player option. This believes two things in this case. Firstly you can invite friend and go on pilgrimage together. So instead of have one's sign militate against by all the villains, you can have two characters militate against villains. But you can also be in competition with your friend lead to head in VS mode. In this case play becomes classical player VS player wartime militant play (it be too badthat the is cannot choose some of the swines to played in this mode).

Except whacking graphic designer play offers good enough sound, but it is not nothing too magnificent. I'm trust in air that would more remind me ancient China, but then again, I really don't know what soul music be done back then.

Together it be firm side scrolling action play, with possibility of lead to main buoy. I thinkthat it%%= merits high marks.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.


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