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War Diary Reviews

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Ah, war diary, back in 96 me and friends spend hours again- hrající demo. That'd only two levels of but they where so merry making they could not be stopped. I keep in mind how near I'm came order play ( snail- poštou, didn't have no internet back then) but came across warfare 2 somewhere according to the plan, and of course - buy it place that. But some years later I managed to get war diary at all events, totally free on whacking home Underdogs seats! And me glad I'm did, because I'm was always be wanted play the rest hereof title.

War diary is personage strategy game much similar first warfare in graphic art and hře - hře. It be based upon matters which take place in 16. century Korea, assaulted Japanese warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who faced the run through herewith land to she could have fight out China. Japanese possessed weapon Koreans will never unweave with before: Arms. Using musketry arms which were to be make copy according to Portugalce in 1542, Japanese advanced quickly. You play preclusive Korean power. Hra - hra piles from outhouse and operating outhouse, signs, and arms. Outhouse be used to build things, like next outhouse, training soldiers and creation arms. Sorts outhouse that you can build are: Main Hall, casern, armament work, watchtower, kovář - ovo, shipyard, temple, tool - shop, heavy arms work, and stabling. So have you have you got three primary resources as though you must drive: food, trees, and iron which be rounded up you are peasants. These resources produce you receipt needed, to enlarged that the did you den and military.

Your military consists of archeries, footmans, knights, artillery bunting which they may be fitted whole a lot of arms inclusive six by other kinds swords, bow, crossbow, row strong divide by and ballistics. Transport and battleship withdraw from your fight on to the seaside and enemy islands. So have you have you got priest- troop which can cure did you soldiers and throws vital fiery ball also (one of the few unhistoric facts, but then again who're call on whacking mysticism of you long past orient?). Use did you another troop to localize and crush enemy. Most level are won this way, but divers odd. One have you search prince and will have an eye to at it, to he is brought to specific place frankly unhurt.

Cut- scény before by any level pile from background picture with scrolling in letterpress debate you to following mission, and here much historical fact feature. CD- VERSION games had long animated introduction- video also. Music be overwhelming and sound much Oriental and forms genuine cue for setting. F10 button set up menu where you can buckler, load and get out play. You can buckler any time you do you want, but only have on the whole 7 saves.

Although much much aspects those games be identical in first warfare, play does have any cool line by its own. One is night plan which shifts among night and day. Enemy troops will not be notice you how fast at night how in daylight, and you will not will not take note them as fast. Next feature is weather change, bringing rain for example or perhaps bolt of lightning which can accidentally strike one of your men as well as enemy! There is also wind which can make you are vodní - related soldiers fair quickly or slow depending on which direction it blows and you fair . A wind- metr show you his direction. These environmental effects will add in much more life to hře - hře then so many other plaies sui generis, and me I trustthat the war diary was the first, who do so.

Yet another whacking feature is market, located in did you great house vestibule. Here you can do business/sell your agents (trees, food, and iron) obtain more money on your military or buy agentsthat the you happen on.

Last feature which is worth to refer to is that every beacon weapon can wear, at which time sign is weaponless into next arms is choice or provided. This may be become gigantic ache in target of course, but if you ask me it in reality adds more realism to play because archer for example can run arrows precisely in real life. So you have to keeps making arms to could supplythat the did you soldiers. All line, that I'm mentioned I'm would have been whacking addition to the next similar plaies from same time and even today. It should have been also mentioned that although much much warfare clone, war diary don't show in feeble clicking on- -kinetic icon for- first- -kinetic-Vám are- unitary crap'o which made CU in warfare 1 enough to poisonous. But I think reason for it is as though war diary be released in the year 1996, two year after warfare make it is début.

So if you like warfare and thinks war diary sounds interestedlythat the I press up to you, so that spent some time with it. It'd didn't have be a failure.

Play runs penalty with Dosbox 0.70, but I experienced trouble with mine saves games no pickling. This is not nevertheless Dosbox related problem, because same could became a when I'm played this CD - RIP version games (which is the only I they ever find) back in 99 in actual heat price Dos on 266 computer.I'm found out I'm wasthat the in using Dosbox slip - up seldom clubbing if you adjusted xms and e.m.f . ' truth ' .Next thing, after unpacking play you should see component named ' NANJUNG ' . It lie play forms bring into position play files, so keep it in authoritative C:Dosgames or what have you.Don't place it in - ův - ův component detachment!

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Game Factory, The


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