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Untouchables, The Reviews

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Prohibition Chicago, 1931.

A select team operating investigators be formed, guidee young intended fed treasure house.They'd weren't bought.They knew no fear.They'd hazarded everything stop Al Caponeovu reign of terror when organized crime turned town on battlefield.They were...THE UNTOUCHABLES

that were introduction on C64 for action play made after sensational film. You play to how Elliot Ness and his men, always with hats, militant enemy. Play be done almost all PCs . and I'm she could have offer little o'clock amuse with. It be far from highest marks, all the same it was merry making. You play through six level, examiner follow film. Did you played by any level in full another way. Play briefed and merry making.

Unfortunally, PC version is very bad. Play is simple too hard, with very bad graphic art. Sensation of an old Chicaga and white and black hats isn't nowhere to have been found, how you have to drive like hell to be able to stay on alive and end level. It is very easy to obiit and then you start from start of. Only thing, what could would draw you those play be all right animation, so at least shift isn't poisonous. Play may be quite interesting if you be dying for fast action play, as well as if you don't mind barren of graphic art and your own nerves (read: you have to be VERY remain).

First - level does in storehouse of where you have to bone all around attempt at collect proof of.This meansthat the you have to collect 10 boxes with by letter ' E ' which will stay on after killing enemy in green (some kind boss in, think). In upper- pravém corner screens, there's a arrow that is of show you where boss in is. After you kill one, next it seems somewhere frankly. There are 3 kind enemies, fast and dangerous, and you should kill one in grey from time to time, because they could leave better weapon or energy. At least there be no collision with enemies who subsisted in future versions. You mostly run about skipping and shooting.

You play to second level under bridge, laying underfoot and shooting. You can roll right and left, and in lower parts screens you do you see your own look and use it to are could aim jailbirds. Interesting, but is even harder then first - level. Criminals are shooting, but also throws dynamite and Molotovův, and one be enough, to finished you.

After you kill them all, you get into probably most interesting levels of which take place on streets. Hidden round the corner, possession twin rifles, you have to militate against your on the way. Enemy go out quoins and window, and you have to reload after every two shot departure. Level stand good Wolf style, but be too interesting really.

In underground station you contend enemies in down- straně scrolling type games. This is not as though simple because there's a baby in cradle as though you have to buckler too (it is not foreign, that is taken from film). After that you have to fire away friend retaining surety.

A at the end - well, if do you really be set to trouble playing those games, then do you really refuse don't you know everything. Let's go leave something to you.

So, only thing, what this poor game can offer is much fast actoin and would have been played really "stiff" and never- giving- rising fellows. Next film is improbablethat the betters low level entertainment which this play gives, realitythat the you tamper with of several from inviolable through play somewhat be of interest.

Too bad as though this PC version is not very much better.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Astros Productions


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