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With vydání Warlords, Strategic studia seskupí (SSG) žila dokonale až do jejich jména. Toto hra by mohla být nazvaný dědeček otáčecí-zalo


Advanced NetWars Reviews

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Jednás about continuation alpha version NetWars. New version manages better graphic art and new functions.

keynote Advanced NetWars stayed same. Like pilot lodged in cockpit boats have as one's task shoot down and destroy at full blast antagonists. It everything in gigantic space, where have on selection - either live or die.

available have you got plasma arms, rackets, turban and amplifier, that you assisting in your progress play. To other assistant at orientation on side is 3D radar.

play includes also multiplayer over LAN. It is possible here put through as far as 12 computers. I possibilities nastevení have money to burn. From wiring computers into games after as much as prohibition respawnu.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Caldera



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