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UMS - The Universal Military Simulator Reviews

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UMS - final military malingerer, a. to a. Universal Military malingerer is WarGames where you you may set conflict and lead your side to victory. This black ball & white play consists of two stage. First is planning phase where you must set movements and status (attack or defend) soldiers. Then, when two sides got prime order, you can start change combat phase. Soldiers they will move according to their rate of swelling and order in eight turns bah . At the end of each of veer, multirange insider they may fire at enemies to the extent.

When UMS went off in the year 1988, after seven years development, that made much innovative activity; This was one of the first wartime plaies which offered attractive isometric wire view of frame battlefield, and telling AI which could in due form drive his armies, next common goal. UMS also includes all - round military, map and builder scenarios that is of easy - to - use. Consequently, you be able to do appendage to four scripts which bring in play (Arbelaem, Hastings, Marstonem, Waterloo without hydrocyanic acid, Gettysburga). So does it offers interesting combat equality which takes in consideration various variables such as unit force, uplift, arms, morale, status, quality and accuracy.

Nevertheless, UMS have plenty weaknesses. Plane glass surface be too enemy and cold for beginners and play hasn't no purposes for ambusher. It's simply thing demolition your nepřítelenebo be destroyed. Poverty of marine coaming be but minor fault. In the end, poverty of colours may be regarded as minus, as well as poverty of sound and much hard using map.

Globally, UMS is given 3 because has that price look if you want to experience pioneer genre, but there much better strategic plaies with similar playing style outside. Consult the handbook for further details.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Intergalactic Development Inc.


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