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Murders v prostoru je poslední titul uvolněný v jedinečných sériích dobrodružných her které mít vás řešit nespočetné kriminální případy v


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In ugh ! you basic in a way enact prehistoric taxi driver. You have you got small trade which does work on principle similar to that of helicopter. You have to transport people among by various basis and stoppings, while, what was to careful undamaged your trade and give wide berth to all kinds poisonous monsters which do your work more difficult.

You can also lift rockies and bombard trees for adjusted time - or set aside creatures for a moment. Play alone wield power positive "atmosphere" and gives much friendly impression so his also fit for little children. Every time you finish certain level, you get secret code that you can later use so that you do not have to start from the beginning. Next present which these play offers is two- hráčský mode which be too entertainment.

Even if basic concept is simple, play can hold did you took for hours from mission be enough heterogeneous. Sound effects are very soft and relaxation so I have no objection hereto. Only drawback to play is as though I'm was found it impossible to completed one level, so therefore I give that 4/5 mark!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Egosoft


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