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I wish made it clear from first condemn on: Troddlers is COOL!

You shouldn't really waste your sometimes with by reading those short review - only clicking on tightening button and get play. Unfastening file, start DOSBOX and type c:, cd troddlers , troddlers!

Oh, did you yet with me? Uncertain? Believe me these play rules! Why ? Ok ok really I need make it review, directly?

When Psygnosis undid their Lemmings in the year 1990 world be amazed of these little dim - witted monsters which needed player help. Now (2005) we've got on the whole 14 Lemmings episodes (inclusive recessional version). Image Psygnosis was inspired!

In the year 1993 people from Atod ( Scandinavian team) copied parts successful cogitations behind Lemmings and fecit their personal reinforcing- -little monsters- hry and called the it Troddlers. In those play you need to protected clumps small monsters named Troddlers but instead of giving is special aptitude how do you do in Lemmings you enact small magician who can remove, transport and call on rocks. Troddlers themselves only go straight. They will never don't fall or leap out of margins. Your work now is placed rocks well that the little Troddlers can find their way out.

All of it begins quite easy in first - level but harder and harder along 160 (!) riddle, that you face in one and two player mode. In later you can choose do mission cooperative or fight against each other. First who drove required amount Troddlers exit wins v.

Operating controls are most dirigible by using keyboard. Press CTRL for positioning or removing stone. S mouse principle to be almost same but much harder.

Strains and music be but handsome. Run of the mill but at least it will unblocked everything from your nerves even after some o'clock games.

When you be finished level you get code. Use these codes to he went on to say through all levels games (which takes loooong time).

So only thing I can close here’s : 5 from 5 points for sweet Troddlers!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Gizmondo Studios Helsingborg


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