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Traders - The Intergalactic Trading Game Reviews

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Traders is handsome little M.Near.L.E. clonus. It not have to be best, but back when I'm was baby, I'm played these games for o'clock with my brothers. You can sham with until 4 players one's PCs .. If you do not have 3 friends at hand, next 3 will replaced computer. Difficulty games can be pick from 4 election or you can createthat the you own setting.

Play is build up from 9 basic phase. First phase be but weekly balance money field made. In rightmost side screens, pictures players (really peculiar dívajících foreigners) be shown with best player up and worst down.

Alternative phase is building phase. At first wheel, you pick place for base and piece of land, where you can build either racket for gathering snail or 1 from 3 outhouse for congregation either perfume, waters or flowers.

In third phase, you pick planet to sent your racket to. Planets have different sizes, defined I, II, and III. Bigger planet, more snail you get therefrom. Also, planets marked "P" are pursuable pirates, who they will growth your rackets, if you choose it.

In fourth phase you find myself back on map from phase two, but this time find out goods did you get from planets or produced. What a load of you get by which product depend upon weather.

After that, shopping begins Yay. In those phase, you can bypass in your car in street cities to bought goods for robotic militant. You can either buy ammunition, defences, bridges - or really county parts for your corvée.

Then (but no at first wheel), robotic militant begins. Every player can set their defences, and then place their corvée, if they want to. If thinkthat the you build up Mechwarrior, you can come to your enemy and implore fire away his base. If you succeed, you get his goods.

After that, most boring phase begins: store phase. Here, you can sell everything you productions to "fat - Mike", your boss in, as it were-or you buy or sell is to the next players. You have you got loooong time here make up one's mind, wetherthat the you do you want sell or no. Namely for every single good. Water, flowers, perfume, oil and snail, but you must really have plenty snail to dare sale them since..... next phase, you have to pay the rental your country in practice snail into fat - Mike. He shortlisting how much every man's have to pay, defined either player with most snail or player with scarcely any- snakes. If cannot pay him, you get no new piece of land in next building phase.

After paying your hire, you come to island where you can play to lottery to won money, buy oil you need behind shifting, buy new rackets - or sell jewelry (but I don't know how get is)

after these phases weekly balance returns, andeverything begins over, to a man player made enough money (defined in preferences). Among, fat - Mike probably will present some goods, that field have to gather up in some kind rally. Or he does "snail competition", where player with most snail wins extra piece of land.

To technical part: Graphic art be enough handsome, to my mind. Store scenes have some enough to handsome detail in enginery backcloth and characters they may look peculiar but in nice to way. Strains be but ham - handed. "receiving" sound players, show you be ready, is given poisonous after second wheel. A blackly, that mostly is the only sound you will hear. Music is scarcely- jsoucí. In robotic- combat phases you hear some music that is not best also, but it is OK. Also, in main menu, you hear some music, but it already disappears after you print key. The rest games lack music and replete "handsome" sounds play have to offer.

To recap it: It's general handsome play. It can be nothing to amuse with for weeks, but it is handsome pastime for rainy day. It might also be merry entertainment to dumped your known silo with your mechanic ;)

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Linel


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