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Diving plaies from 80 - ovo and first half of 90 - ovo mostly resemble: side view of action, and you get into control diver which shoot harpoon, militate against sea monster and collects treasures and oxygen. Titanic be firm play from 1988 publicize for Amstrad CPC, MSX and spectrum made in like manner. It consists of two big part. First take place in underwater cave and you have to go more deeply and achieve Titaniku, while second part of the takes place inside famous wreck. Play focuses on finding genuine way so much at intent on action. DOS version be released after three years and with many changes. Technical parts were to be very much improved, but play suffered some bad changes and, unfortunately, have any weighing charge scratches.

Biggest difference is as though now you act levels instead of have two gigantic parts. Every level is maze underground cave and you have to find genuine ways to exit. Now be much more pressurized to sought oxygen, but so have you boundless harpoon. Sea creatures can be divided into two insider: the, who simply move in predefined way and those that hunt you at sight. Also, you now die immediately if you collide with anything killing and you have you got three lives.

There are two big mistakes which will be immediately light upon your roads. First is bad collision detection. You die without being touched, especially if monster or shot comes from at the back. Occupy it sometime to you notice some kind rectangular space that is of about your diver and that in reality count towards rainfall. Next much irritating (and illogical) thing is that athat the diver moves quicker than harpoons he fires. This believes that if you move left or transport and sea monster be ahead of you, you have to stop and fire away. If you fire away and in reality continue shift direction to monster, you die. It's unbelievably poisonous. It is assumedthat the you will be in a hurry because of oxygen, but you have to continue stopping to slew monster because of slow harpoons. This is not case, though, when you move up or down from diver cannot fire away up or down, that is of next defect from it is possible in earlier version. Also, now you can only move in four principal direction instead of eight.

As though all these bad things are not enough to, every time you lose one's life, you have to start whole level over. So it get even more disillusion how do you play to. You lose much lifes try to find genuine alleyway maze and wasting by all the your oxygen. Then you have to start whole level over; and again, trace how fast you move, and how near you be for enemies. If you lose all your life, you have to start over from first - level. It's simply too poisonous.

Better graphic art and sound cannot catch you scratches. Even sound effects may seem a exaggerated and needless, although music alone isn't vain. Play does have got something offer and looks vowing, but you scratches will most probably make you reduce to play soon.

Operating controls: Q - up A - down O - left P - genuine SPACE - fire

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Topo Soft


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