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Tetris Gold Reviews

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Tetris Gold is make - up containing everything Tetris title from spectra Holobyte plus so - called pilot ( original Tetris):

Tetris prototypeTetrisTetris ClassicSuper TetrisFaces ...triable IIIWORDTRISWELLTRISTETRIS Classic for WindowsSuper Tetris for Windows

They be connected over choice plane glass surface as seen on screenshot. Really interesting line hereof publication are interview for maker Alexey Pajitnov (if you get Microsoft video for Windows 1.0 run or have simple mplayer installed on top) and integrated manuals.

To going review separate plaies see below.

A corruption some sets it seems occurred, talk got cut and next files in his directory (VIDPLAY) and main readme became a unusable.

Play is provided how CD picture in ISO size.

To open it in use demon Windows tools (in Abandonia- ovo positional menuthat the it be under services- >programs).

To play at DOSBOX use next orders:imgmount x [avenue of GOLDTET.ISO]GOLDTET.ISO - t cdrommount y [avenue of GOLDTET.ISO]x:TETDOS

for going review separate plaies see below.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.


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