Dylan Dog - The Murderers
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Dylan Dog, hrůza komický hrdina, je slavný britský soukromý detektiv nadpřirozený. On přišel k životu v Itálii, za ruku Tiziano Scalvi. J


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All of us know classical tetritol play. Extra tetritol is very much similar to that. Except those version upgraded play and put that some next action.

I first I'm played this play indoors friends. My friend and his two sister totally depend upon this play. I did not understand was what hubbub was all about till then, than I'm was had mine little - go.

In contradistinction to classical games, here you smash in with many order. Your work is to worked your alleyway to bottoms. Every level shows new picture and this picture is also seen in blocks. As soon as you be cleaned lower rowthat the you act to the next level.

Every row clear you will earn you 2 bombshells. These bombshells will go down same in a way regular tetritol blocks do. But now instead of being added on top of going blocks bomb will clean blocks they strike. This hustles play up and gives as though little piece extra tactics classical tetritol play misses.

A do I everything. It has option for multiplayer also. Play to cooperative or of competition in same play!

Two blocks will go down and every player will control some using keyboard, mice or joystick.

In contradistinction to some plaies you play to evening and will never be not looking back in, that is play simply you will not will don't stop playing. Did you be warned.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Sphere, Inc.


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