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Tunneler je hra z počátku 90. let, kterou jistě mnozí z nás hrají i dnes. Hra je pro 2 hráče na jedné obrazovce (tzv. splitscreen).


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Then, what was to frustrate in Midnight rescue, mister evil now plots to overthrew shady Glen TELEVISION STATION. Again extra Solvers be called in to stopped Mortimerovy bad plans.

OutNumbered! be basically equipment Midnight salvages for mathematics: change scenery, update graphic art a little, and little of other cosmetic changes. But as it were, if it is not broken, no will nepostará about it.

In every rooms in TELEVIZNÍ STANICI there are three perhaps seats where you will find word problem to solve. Solve word problem and get code to rooms.To help you solve word problems you be allowed basic calculator, youthat the urgesthat the you print ' = ' among by any operation. Nevertheless real field they will want to call on themselves rebuff by using those crutch. Well return word problem and you will earn it indoor code.

In vestibules among rooms you run into television, main bad robot. Energy television your distant and he'll gather information you with some fundamental question numbers. If you answer call television you get one of codes to rooms that the mister evil skulk v. But be quick. In contradistinction to word problem time spent answering call appeal for television will reckon against your total time. If you don't find out help you need before midnight you lose. But, find out enough to helps and indoor codes, solve which room mister evil lurk in, and do your imputation to stopped him.

Outnumbered! be destined to player ages 7 - 14. This was make - over in the year 1997 for window CD-ROM enhanced graphic art and sound (if you can find it).

Mobygames suggests, to next games which get along learning society among Midnight rescue and this are also part extra solver be subdivided into several lots, and while games, that they design for are excellent, Outnumbered!be the first play revert to elements which this critic considers compulsory for play to had you - ův extra Solvers ' sensation.Above all, in - ův extra solver - ův play hero they will not sign description with his/her molds hidden hat and collar. Next, Mortimer Maxwell, mister evil, have to be up to some relatively non - destructive but evil displeasure. In the end, there must be some element which challenges you hereto, so that played by collecting statistical compilation along časunebo in later peas, virtual toothing- acquirements.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Learning Company, The


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